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Galaxy Legend
1 min readMar 18, 2022


Regarding the March 11 incident.

XHC-DAO decided to use 4% of its ecosystem funds to give arithmetic power compensation to the affected users.
Please fill in the following:
1. Screenshot of the stolen wallet Mnemonic Phrase that has arithmetic power
2. Former block node, the
3. Name.
4. Contact number
5. Country and region
Fill out form

After further verification by XHC-DAO, the arithmetic compensation will be unified.
It should be further noted that the 4% ecosystem fund is limited and will be used for the ecosystem construction of XHC, only the lost arithmetic power will be compensated, but the lost XHC tokens cannot be recovered and miners will have to bear the responsibility themselves. Therefore, we hope all miners must protect their private keys and assets, and do not trust the links from strangers. Let’s work together to build a prosperous XHC ecosystem.


GALAXY LEGEND is a decentralized game ecosystem based on the UBChain network framework, aiming to establish a decentralized, cross-platform ecosystem with a unified asset value guarantee, highly liquid pan-gaming community and distribution channel.





Galaxy Legend

Galaxy Legend is a #GameFi project based on the #UBChain network framework with innovations economic model in #metaverse.